Emma Watson will be on Friday Night with Jonathan Ross today at 10:35pm on BBC One. It was recorded earlier and images have already appeared online.

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She looks lovely! I'm especially flipping over her gorgeous shooooes!

Anyway, unless my time conversion is totally off, I guess this show is airing a couple of hours...so if I'm right, go watch it! I'm sure we'll get the video from this soon, as well :)
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Apparently Burberry has posted more photos from Emma's shoot. She looks lovely!

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There's a few more gorgeous photos from Emma's shoot for Elle UK online now, including a better view of the cover. They're definitely not HQ, but they're amazing, so it makes up for it!

We also have two better scans of a pretty photo of Emma we'd seen a while back - scanned from the Mexican version of Marie Claire by HarryPotterLa.com :)

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Tons of new photos are up from the trio filming in London! There's also a short video of the filming that includes a few seconds of Emma. Hope you like!

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Several new photos have surfaced recently, some of them scans and others from the 'net. They're all pretty, but what else is new? :)

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HBP: We have a new behind-scenes video, another behind-the-scenes video (11 minutes!) that is dubbed in French, and a few new Hermione promos;

DH: Several filming photos!

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There's a teeny new photo of Hermione now online (from [livejournal.com profile] hbpmoviepics):

As well as part two of the IGN Making Of special, which includes a bit of Emma:

view the video here!
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Find everything right HERE at [livejournal.com profile] jadedgraphics!

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Here are some pretty pictures of Emma at the OotP Premiere in Paris nearly two years ago (goodness!) I don't know whether they've been seen before, but the person who posted them hadn't seen them, and nor had I!

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Someone recorded a tiny clip on tv showing Fred & George in their joke shop, and while Hermione has NO lines, we do see her for a second or two...thought it may be of interest:

The clip is at about 1:12 :)
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Gorgeous - Emma is going to be on the cover of the August issue of Teen Vogue, and we have a bunch of stunning photos from her photoshoot! Also, there's a lovely video showing behind the scenes of the shoot (which I'll try to screencap as soon as I can find a download).

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And in case you didn't watch the video, or missed it: at the end it notes that you can register for the website here, and when you do, if you're a US resident, they'll send you a FREE POSTER of Emma's cover photo! :)